A letter from a debt collection agency... what now?

Please do get in touch
We’re happy to help find a solution

Have you received a final demand (via the post of via email)? This letter states what you need to pay and when.

You can’t pay (right now)? Please do contact us. It’s really important that you do! If we don’t hear from you, we cannot help you and we will make decisions on your behalf. Court costs can be relatively high and they really are best avoided.

We really do want to help and we could find a solution to this, together. If you are of the opinion that this final demand is totally incorrect, we will respect your opinion. We would then advise our creditors to show the relevant file to the relevant authorities (usually the courts).

Here’s how to contact us

Send us a letter or an e-mail. That gives you proof that you have at least responded. The address is on the final demand letter you received. You could also just call the phone number mentioned in the letter. That should connect you to the correct employee capable of helping you. We want to hear (for example) why you disagree with the final demand. If you have difficulties paying, we will discuss with you some arrangement for part payment, or possibly payment at a later date.

When should you contact us?

  • When you disagree with the stated debt (invoice or final demand).
  • When you feel you cannot pay.
  • If it is not entirely clear why you have received this final demand letter.
  • When you cannot pay right now, but should be able to, later (request for a grace period).
  • When you wish to pay in instalments.
  • When the bill has already been paid. Do then send us a copy of proof of payment (via e-mail) and we will then discuss this with our creditors.

Call, send an e-mail or fill in the online form. Do write us why you cannot or will not pay. Don’t forget to add your telephone number, your address and the case number as mentioned in the final demand letter.
Is your final demand letter perhaps for the insurance on your mobile phone? Do check the FAQs to see if you are already answered there.


Questions about the invoice or final demand letter

Many invoices are sent via e-mail. Check your SPAM folder.

Many invoices are sent via e-mail. Check your SPAM folder.

Wertgarantie is the insurance policy you agreed to for your mobile phone, your television, laptop computer, PC or other kind of apparatus. If you wish to end this insurance policy, then you must yourself contact Wertgarantie, not us. If your mobile telephone contract has run out or your mobile telephone is no longer in your possession (broken, sold on) you still need to cancel the insurance policy. Your mobile telephone contract is with one or other mobile telephone provider and they have nothing to do with the insurance at all.

You apparently have an account with Zooplus. Just login to see what you ordered and which invoices have been sent to you. If the final demands from Zooplus have gone over to debt collection, your account is then (by them) set to zero. If you contact Zooplus, they will then likely tell you that there is no debt any more. This, however, is incorrect. These employees have no access to the credit management section of the admin.

AREA takes care of the toll fees in France. People often buy a ‘batch’/toll fee payer here in the Netherlands already. The tolls are then collected automatically. Sometimes, things go wrong, say, if you have a new bank card or a new credit card perhaps. You are then sent a summons from AREA or a French debt collection agency (our French colleagues at France Contentieux). Contact us and we can sort out a payment arrangement. If you got your batch/toll fee payer via the ANWB (NL) you could also contact them about what to do with the batch/toll fee payer now. We have no leverage there whatsoever.

Please contact us. You can do this via e-mail, via the telephone or via the online form. Do always mention your case number.

Please contact us. We will help you find a solution.

Your case number (tracking number) is printed in BOLD in our letter. Did you receive an e-mail from us? Then your case number is in the subject line. Always note your case number on any payment. Do this if you are paying for someone else too.

Questions about paying

You will not receive a separate confirmation of payment. Your payment can be seen on your personal (digital) bank statement. This is sufficient proof that you have paid.

Your payment will be visible to us after 1 working day. If you use Mollie to pay, your payment will show practically immediately. Want to be sure your payment has been received? Call +31 (0)36 5460505 or send an e-mail to info@vmp-partners.nl. Don’t forget to mention your case number.

Yes. Mollie B.V. is a recognised company that takes care of payment transactions. Your statement will therefore read Stg Mollie Payments. Mollie ensures that your payment reaches us safely. Security for you and for us. For more information, see the Mollie website.

No, you must ensure that the instalment is paid as agreed. You may also pay the next instalment via our payment page. You can pay more, any time you like.

We will send you a reminder e-mail stating that the next instalment is coming up. This, however, gives no legal redress whatsoever. You do need to keep the dates for instalments in mind yourself. TIP: arrange for automatic payments online on your internet banking site, or just note the dates in your diary.

About our debt collection agency

We are debt collectors for businesses and institutions in the Netherlands and abroad

For instance, we collect debts from unpaid invoices for these organisations. If you have omitted to pay a particular invoice, we send you a final demand letter. It is always best policy to pay bills immediately. Summonses (final demands) always have extra costs added. It can also save you hundreds of Euros if you avoid litigation.

When an invoice remains unpaid, even after final demands, we, as debt collectors, are permitted to start judicial procedures. Our bailiff will issue you with a summons. This is called ‘service of process’. The judge will then decide whether or not, and how much, you have to pay. We’d really prefer not to go this far, unless of course you want to, that’s okay too. We would rather help you find a solution to paying for the invoice if you currently cannot. Always contact us to see!

We regularly receive debt collecting jobs in hand that already have final court rulings attached. In advance of handing these off to our bailiffs, we will attempt to contact you. We do this in the hope of preventing this escalation to the bailiff because there are also costs involved in such a procedure, which are added to your bill.

We would rather help you find a solution to paying for the invoice if you currently cannot. Always contact us to see!