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Many businesses wait far too long before activating a debt collector for unpaid invoices. “Nobody intends to get into debt” is our way of looking at things, our philosophy, but you as a business, you want to see your bills paid. At the same time, you don’t want to spoil your relationship with your clients. Sometimes, this puts you in an awkward situation. The consequences of this? You don’t really want to phone them about that unpaid invoice and keep putting off that final demand letter.

If we take it over from you, your customer relationship stays as flawless as it was. We see things from a different perspective and get down to business, bearing your relationship in mind. Responsible & respectable debt collection – that’s our motto.

Preferred partner of EOS

We are a ‘preferred partner’ of EOS Global Collection for international debt collecting. For you, no obstacles such as culture differences, language difficulties, different laws or geographical distances need to be overcome: just entrust your unpaid invoices to us and we can help you out, in 180 different countries, with fast, efficient debt collection.

We are all about responsible and respectable debt collection

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For small and medium-sized businesses and for large volumes too

We are the debt collection agency for small and medium-sized business as well as for large organisations. We are of course fast, flexible and confidential, with a personal touch. Our strength lies in our personal approach – we speak directly to your clients instead of just sending emails. We speak with you, the contractor, but we also speak with your client(s) (the debtor(s)). We deliver tailor-made solutions and also offer advice on how to set-up and improve your workflow.

Our automated system allows us to handle large numbers of final demands that can be issued with 1 click.

“From small, to medium, to large businesses. We have handled 25,000 files annually for a weekly magazine, and we helped Phones4U when they came from the UK and took over the Dutch telephony market. Phones4U became Libertel and is currently known as Vodafone. Small and medium-sized businesses as well as health care institutions know where to find us – from one of the largest business clubs in the Netherlands (the VBA, Vereniging Bedrijfskring Almere) through to the UMC Hospital, Utrecht. We have creditors who have worked with us since 1997 – so actually from the inauguration of VMP & Partners BV. Working together.”

How do you do that?

That’s perhaps the question we are asked the most. High volume, fast result and yet still being attentive to who the debtor actually is, and remaining in-keeping with the creditors own processes. Debtors too can easily reach us; we do not hide behind a telephone number or a general email addy. This helps to quickly arrange terms with debtors wherever possible.

"Our answer is therefore: we just ‘do’. We don’t hold endless meetings with our team, but we do work with fast procedures and efficient communication, and we make decisions fast too. We can do this, because over 25 years, we’ve seen it all."

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